Enterprise Cloud

Help enterprises manage office documents in an all-round way,
Accumulate knowledge and pass on experience

Product introduction


Combined with organizational structure, comprehensive management of office documents

Combined with the organizational structure, enterprise cloud disk generates organization cloud disk and group cloud disk for each department and project group respectively. In addition,each employee has personal cloud disk for storing private files. Enterprise Cloud

A variety of sharing methods to promote the circulation of documents within the enterprise and improve the utilization rate

Documents are not shared, and no matter how much storage there is, it's a backwater. It has a variety of peer-to-peer and peer-to-peer document sharing methods, such as private letter, discussion group, microblog and announcement, to promote the circulation of documents in the enterprise and improve the utilization rate of documents.

Multi level security guarantee for intellectual property of enterprises

Enterprise cloud disk adopts a variety of measures to ensure the safety of enterprise intellectual property.
  • Strict authority

    Any file can be set operation authority to prevent internal leakage.
  • Detailed operation log

    Any file can be set operation authority to prevent internal leakage.
  • Multipoint backup

    Distributed storage and remote backup to avoid data loss due to failure.

Multi intelligent terminal synchronization, mobile office anytime and anywhere

Enterprise cloud disk adopts cloud storage technology, you can easily obtain work documents for mobile office whenever and wherever you log in through computer, tablet or mobile phone, so as to bring enterprise knowledge base with you.

Professional private deployment, building private cloud under your complete control

It is deployed on the enterprise's own servers, and the enterprise is in full control of the configuration of servers and workstations.
  • Open API

    Support the secondary development and realize the integration with the existing system of the enterprise.
  • Domain user synchronization

    Support the use of unified organizational structure management with other enterprise systems.
  • Personalized interface

    Professional UI designer, customized user interface according to customer needs.